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Mortgage Brokers Vernon - Why new investors need a well-versed mortgage broker

Have you ever made a large financial transaction for the first time and been a little stressed about the entire process. Although investing in real estate is avery rewarding experience, it can also be a little intimidating and stressful. But with the assistance of a knowledgeable and trained mortgage professional, your experience will be a memorable one.


Since new homebuyers may be unfamiliar with dealing with finance, it’s important to enlist the help of a mortgage broker in order to save money. Unless you are extremely confident in your ability to research the market, shop different lenders and negotiate your own rates and terms, it’s wise to invest some time just looking for a good mortgage broker.


It’s important to understand that mortgage brokers Vernon work independently and aren’t tied to a specific lender or their rates and packages. A mortgage broker is often confused with a loan officer, who works for a particular bank and is only in the business of promoting that institutions rates and home loan bundles. A mortgage broker on the other hand, has a list of lending institutions to choose from, giving them a variety of interest rates and packages to select from, picking one that best suits their client. In shopping around, a mortgage broker is drumming up competition between lenders, all battling for your business.


When looking for a suitable mortgage broker, who will work to meet your financial needs and goals, it’s important to start by asking those in your community for recommendations. Since one of the best ways to find a great mortgage broker is by word of mouth, it’s important to begin by getting a genuine opinion about mortgage professionals that family, friends and co-workers have worked with in the past. If you can’t get any worthwhile recommendations or they simply aren’t wiling to refer their mortgage broker to you, it’s recommended to seek the opinion of a realtor in your area. Since real estate agents work with brokers on a regular basis, there’s a good chance they have a handful that they recommend to homebuyers to use.


Always ensure any mortgage broker you are hiring has the following qualities: experience, knowledgeable, reputable, trustworthy and good track record with past and present clients.


If you are looking at purchasing your first home and are interested in finding qualified mortgage brokers Vernon agents that will help you complete the process then look no further. We’ve found some great mortgage brokers Vernon that will get you started in the right direction and have you living in your new home in no time.

Office: 403-452-9619

Ken’s Direct #


Toll Free: 1-888-493-0264

Suite 1320, Bay 327

2335-162nd Avenue

Calgary Alberta T2Y 4S6

Worked as a Personal Banker & a Branch Manager at Major Financial Institutions , so I know what Type of Applications the Banks are Looking For!
Extremely Competitive Interest Rates, I will match or Beat any Competitors Offer out there! O.A.C
Great Outside of the Box Type Thinker and Know how to Package a Mortgage to Make It Happen!
Liscenced as a Mortgage Associate in Both Alberta & BC
I am Very Mobile so if Needed I can come to you!
I Specialize In New Home Buyers, New To Canada,Self Employed & Credit Repair Type Mortgage Applications
Financing for Residential/Commercial & Private Mortgage Financing
I am Your Forclosure Specialist, If you have the Equity in your House I can get you approved!
Quick Fast TurnAround Times!

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